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Huawei’s online business mark Honor has been putting out an extraordinary spending line of cell phones in the course of recent years, beginning with the Honor 5X out of 2016, at that point the Honor 6X prior this year at CES, and now the Honor 7X. Both the Honor 5X and 6X were exceptionally amazing at their cost focuses, being moderately effective gadgets with incredible highlights, extraordinary battery life, and great forms. However, where might Honor run with the Honor 7X? All things considered, the organization enhanced the smartphone in a couple of zones, yet it additionally dropped the cost. So is it an overhauled Honor 6X, coming in at just 12,999. That is a fantastic cost for something like this, so it is unrealistic? Is it extremely the financial plan cell phone of 2018 like Honor trusts it is,lets see.

Respect 7X has a 18:9 viewpoint proportion, 5.93-inch show that has a determination of 2160 x 1080. This is a LCD show, with a pixel thickness of 407 pixels for every inch. The show takes up approximately 77% of the front of the Honor 7X. It is fueled by the octa-center Kirin 659 processor, with the Mali-T830 MP2 GPU and 3GB of RAM. There is 32GB of capacity inside, with a smaller scale SD card space for growing said stockpiling. There are 4GB and 64GB models being sold in different locales, however those areas have not been affirmed yet, and the 3GB/32GB model will be the principle one.

For camera optics, the Honor 7X sports a 16-megapixel camera and after that an optional 2-megapixel camera on the back. These have stage discovery self-adjust, a solitary LED streak and can record video at 1080p and 30fps. The forward looking shooter is a 8-megapixel camera, and it can likewise shoot at 1080p. Respect has kept the 3.5mm earphone jack on this cell phone, and it is utilizing a small scale USB port for charging. There’s no NFC here yet it supports Bluetooth 4.1, and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n. A peculiar oversight, yet it just backings 2.4GHz systems and not 5GHz WiFi. Wrapping things up, on the product front there is Android 7.0 Nougat with EMUI 5.1, and there is likewise a 3340mAh battery driving the show.

In the Box

you’ll discover the greater part of the standard things with the Honor 7X to finish everything. You’ll likewise locate a miniaturized scale USB link for accusing of a divider connector, some printed material, and a SIM removing device. There’s no case included with this smartphone, which is grievous, yet not very astounding.


The Honor 7X is an all-metal form here, which is accessible in either dark or blue, and it truly feels great in the hand. In spite of the fact that, since it is all metal, it picks up fingerprints like magnets. So we got ourselves always wiping off the back of the telephone to dispose of the majority of the fingerprints. Which is by all accounts a typical pattern nowadays with both glass and metal gathering fingerprints like there’s no tomorrow. The sides of the Honor 7X are bended, however the real back isn’t. This makes the 7X truly simple to hold in the hand, despite the fact that it isn’t a major gadget, truly.

On the base of the Honor 7X, you’ll locate the small scale USB port in the inside with a 3.5mm earphone jack on one side and a speaker on the other. It’s great to see that 3.5mm earphone jack still on in this gadget. The left half of the smartphone houses the SIM card and small scale SD card opening, while the correct side has the volume rocker and a power catch. Presently the back is entirely perfect. There is a logo on the back, but at the same time it’s in dark, so unless you’re in the correct lighting, you won’t see it. There are reception apparatus lines on the best and towards the base, which are likewise an alternate shade of dark, so they do likewise mix in. There’s a unique finger impression in the center on the back, so it’s correct where your finger rests ordinarily. Be that as it may, the one issue we have with the posterior is really the cameras. Respect concluded that one camera knock wasn’t sufficient, so there are two camera knocks, one for every camera. It doesn’t generally change how the telephone functions, or the amount it wobbles when you are writing on it with it on a table, yet it looks exceptionally odd.

The front of the Honor 7X houses that huge 6-inch full HD+ show. Respect chose to join the 18:9 perspective proportion pattern, and it is likewise the primary cell phone under 15,000 to accompany this tall show. It’s a 6-inch show in an indistinguishable body from the 5.5-inch Honor 6X. So you get an additional a large portion of an inch of screen land here, which is pleasant. There are really little bezels all around, yet Honor was as yet ready to pack its logo onto the front, underneath the screen.

Respect 7X is an extremely awesome inclination gadget. It feels incredible in the hand, it’s not very enormous, and it’s not very harsh, however it never felt like it would slide appropriate out of my hands, which is clearly something worth being thankful for. It’s in reality difficult to trust this is a Rs. 12,999/- cell phone when grasping it, which is incredibly noteworthy.



As specified, Honor is utilizing a taller show on the Honor 7X. So it’s a 18:9 perspective proportion, with a 2160×1080 determination, what many organizations are calling full HD+ since it is somewhat higher determination than general full HD. This is Honor’s initial 18:9 gadget. The show here really looks better than average. It is as yet 1080p so you’re not getting a high pixel thickness here, but rather the hues and complexity looks okay, and you won’t perceive any individual pixels on the show.

The splendor of this board from Honor is very great. This screen gets brilliant, and it is more than unmistakable outside. Truth be told, I could take photos of the cellphone’s show outside in daylight, and you could see the show without numerous reflections. That is something that isn’t conceivable on most smartphones – even leaders that cost 2-3x to such an extent. So that is entirely amazing. So you won’t have many issues with utilizing this one outside.


Inside the Honor 7X is the Kirin 659 octa-center processor which is moderately obscure to a great many people. Seeing as Huawei’s in-house Kirin processors are extremely just utilized on it gadgets. Be that as it may, the Kirin 659 is spot keeping pace with some of Qualcomm Snapdragon 600-arrangement processors. It’s an octa-center chipset with four Cortex-A53 centers at 2.36GHz and after that four Cortex-A53 centers at 1.7GHz. That is combined with the Mali-T830 MP2 GPU. So this telephone is an expert, and as you start to utilize it, you will see that.

The Honor 7X is truly quick, now it’s not as quick as something running the Kirin 970 like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, yet it is bounty quick. You won’t generally see any log jams experiencing the working framework here, and you likely won’t see any log jams when you have a huge amount of applications open. With regards to gaming, the Mali-T830 MP2 does entirely well at rendering designs. It is a smidgen ease back contrasted with different leaders out there, however that is likewise in light of the fact that this is just a 12,999 Rs cell phone.

Presently, the one region where it would have been decent for Honor to overhaul the specs is in the RAM office. It’s as yet wearing 3GB of RAM. Furthermore, for a great many people, that will be a lot of RAM. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are hoping to purchase this cellphone and keep it for a few years, that 3GB won’t not be the best alternative. It’ll take care of business, however there’s no real way to know how Android will admission on 3GB of RAM in a year or two with Android P or Android Q not too far off.

Battery Life

The battery life is sensational on the Honor 7X. So it’s great to see that Honor could make its Kirin 659 chipset more power proficient, and furthermore advance the product with the goal that users can get some mind blowing battery life out of this gadget.

Numbers you can expect? , well you can get around two days of utilization out of this one. Obviously, that will dependably rely upon what you are utilizing the cellphone for. I have inspired it to last me almost two days, a couple of times while looking into this gadget. Furthermore, that included watching a ton of YouTube recordings, investing energy in Twitter, and different applications that are pretty battery serious. So in the event that you are simply doing typical perusing, this thing should give you some somewhat noteworthy battery life numbers.

The other side of battery life is charging the battery. Since this is utilizing one of Huawei’s Kirin chipsets, that implies that Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard isn’t bolstered here. In any case, Huawei has its own type of quick charging. It charges at around 2.4A, which can revive the 3340mAh battery on the Honor 7X, in a little under two hours. Since the battery as of now keeps going a long time, you likely will just need to charge it around evening time, so quick charging isn’t that huge of an arrangement here. Presently Honor said that the Honor 7X would hold around 80% of its battery limit after 500 charges . Clearly, since we’ve just had this telephone for two or three weeks, we haven’t possessed the capacity to test this out. Be that as it may, it really is great to note for those that intend to keep this cellphone for a bit.


the Honor 7X is wearing Android 7.0 Nougat with EMUI 5.1 and it has the November sixth, 2017 security fix. So it’s not as forward as the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro from Huawei, however it is still lovely breakthrough. Respect is wanting to refresh the Honor 7X to Android 8.0 Oreo sooner rather than later however.

The product on the Honor 7X hasn’t changed much from other Nougat-based Huawei and Honor gadgets. Regardless you’re getting EMUI here, which is currently up to adaptation 5.1. The product has enhanced pretty radically finished the previous couple of years, however Huawei/Honor still has some work to do. EMUI still changes a few things pointlessly, for example, to change the launcher, you need to go to Settings > Apps > App Settings > App Defaults > Launcher and afterward select your launcher. Rather than simply downloading a launcher, squeezing home and choosing the launcher you need to utilize. That is by all account not the only errand that requires numerous additional means to get refined, yet it is a decent case of one. There are less things broken this time around, contrasted with the Honor 6X a year ago, which had a more seasoned form of EMUI amid our audit. So the organization is gaining ground, yet at the same time has a bit to go.

Since this is Honor’s initial 18:9 gadget, the organization needed to roll out a few improvements to help that taller show. In spite of the fact that it didn’t roll out a ton of improvements, you can compel applications into “full show” mode, fundamentally, take full preferred standpoint of that 18:9 show. A great deal of applications as of now bolster this since it isn’t generally another thing nowadays. In any case, there are some that are resolute like Instagram. Since this sports tall show, it makes split-screen mode considerably more effective, since you’ll have a square for each application – obviously, you can even now change the span of every window. This is one of only a handful couple of things that Huawei/Honor hasn’t changed from AOSP, multi-window or split screen, can be gotten to by long-squeezing the recents catch. What’s more, it is certainly decent to use on this substantially bigger, 6-inch show here.

All in all, the product here is by all accounts really great. It’s seemingly much superior to anything what you would discover from different cell phones in this value extend. EMUI 5.1 is quite smooth on this equipment, which shouldn’t shock however it is pleasant to see. It’s additionally great to see that Honor has a really new security fix here. Beyond any doubt it is December, however the November sixth fix is sufficiently new. The experience will probably show signs of improvement once Android 8.0 Oreo goes to the Honor 7X, ideally that won’t be too far!


Unique mark Sensor

Respect is utilizing Fingerprint 4.0 on the Honor 7X, which the organization touts as having the capacity to perceive your finger in only 0.25 seconds. That is fantastically quick, and it appears, all things considered, utilization. Through our chance with the Honor 7X, we have seen that the cellphone is quick at opening, and it is likewise extremely precise. Two things you requirement for a decent sensor since a quick sensor is no great on the off chance that it isn’t that exact. This shouldn’t be an amazement however, for anybody that has utilized a Huawei gadget in the previous couple of years, the organization has dependably had extraordinary unique mark sensors and has truly driven the charge with getting relatively every Android cellphone with a unique finger impression sensor.

There are a few signals and alternate ways for the unique mark sensor here. For example, you can swipe down to cut the notice shade down. You can likewise swipe left and right in the Gallery application to peruse through your photographs. This is likewise not another component on the Honor 7X, Huawei really began doing this with the Huawei Mate 9 – and considerably prior in the event that you check the Nexus 6P which was in fact a Google smartphone. Yet, it is pleasant to see this accessible on the Honor 7X, as it is something that Huawei and Honor’s users have extremely enjoyed about its cell phones.


In the event that there’s one feeble spot on the Honor 7X, this is it, sadly. The sound quality, originating from the speaker, isn’t that incredible. It sounds only a tiny bit tinny, however it gets entirely boisterous. Respect is utilizing only one speaker on this one, so you aren’t getting stereo sound like on some different gadgets. Yet, the sound leaving that speaker is somewhat tinny, which is terrible. Presently, this has an earphone jack, so you won’t have to carry on with the dongle existence with the Honor 7X. What’s more, luckily, Honor has utilized a tolerable DAC. Presently you won’t get sound in an indistinguishable quality from something like the LG G6 or V30 that has that Quad DAC, yet this is likewise about a fourth of the cost. On the off chance that you connect to a fair match of earphones, the sound will be really great. So the main genuine dissension in the sound division is really with the speaker.

On the Honor 7X, we ran the typical benchmarks, as we do with each cell phone. That incorporates AnTuTu, 3D Mark and Geekbench 4. Over on AnTuTu, it got a score of 58,934. That put it at the base of the leaderboard, which was practically expected, seeing as the greater part of the gadgets recorded are leader gadgets like the Galaxy S8, LG V30 et cetera. Presently on 3D Mark, it grabbed a score of 403, which is really great, and very piece higher than some different cell phones in this value run. At last, on Geekbench 4, the Honor 7X scored 901 in the single-center test and 3336 in the multi-center test.


The Honor 6X was really the principal “spending plan” cell phone from Honor to brandish a double camera setup. It really turned out truly great, despite the fact that it wasn’t a similar setup that Huawei had utilized as a part of the P9 and Huawei Mate 9. Presently, Honor has enhanced that double camera, updating the principle sensor from a 12-megapixel shooter to a 16-megapixel in the Honor 7X. The optional shooter is as yet a 2-megapixel sensor, yet that sensor isn’t generally to take pictures. The auxiliary sensor is in reality more to collect more information on the shot. Which thus encourages the smartphone to make a far and away superior bokeh impact.

The camera here has an opening of f/2.2 however with programming, you can present to everything the path up to f/0.95. This really isn’t new. It’s something Huawei did on the Mate 9 a year ago, be that as it may, it wasn’t on the Honor 6X. Presently it is here on the Honor 7X, and it seems to work out superior to anything it did on the Mate 9. Maybe because of Huawei having more opportunity to chip away at this product and enhance it. You can modify the opening before you take the shot and after. On the off chance that you go to the picture after you snap it, you can alter the opening, and make the foundation more hazy, or you can even modify the subject that is in see. Perhaps you need something out of sight to be in center, you can tap on it and do only that.

Swipe in from the left, and you are welcomed with the numerous modes that this camera has. Counting Photo, Pro Photo, Video, Pro Video, HDR, Panorama, Light Painting, Time-Lapse, Slow-mo, Filter, Effects, Watermark and Audio Note. There is a catch to download all the more, however the main extra mode accessible is for nourishment. Huawei and Honor have both disclosed to us that the Food mode is the most well known one on their gadgets. The one clients adore the most, which bodes well, since everybody posts photos of their nourishment on Instagram nowadays. Presently swipe in from the privilege and you get your settings obviously.

Lets talk about portrait mode. Huawei and Honor have had this mode for a long while. Essentially, since it appeared the double camera setup on the P9. What’s more, it continues showing signs of improvement and better. It is really called “wide opening” on the back camera, and there is a flip at the highest point of the viewfinder that you can turn on or off. Respect has additionally conveyed it over to the forward looking camera. So it is likewise doing picture mode on the forward looking camera. Presently while it does work, and functions admirably, despite everything we feel that the Pixel 2/2 XL complete a superior occupation of it. Be that as it may, those that need to take some awesome selfies with the Honor 7X will have the capacity to do only that effortlessly on the Honor 7X.
The Good :



Battery Life


The Bad :

Small scale USB Port

Speaker sound quality

Wrap Up

2017 has been the time of the ultra-premium cell phone, with Android and different leaders beating the likes of LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the Apple iPhone X. The Honor 7X has only two weak things here one speaker quality and the way that it charges over a small scale USB port. Otherwise, it’s a phenomenal cell phone from Honor.

Would it be advisable for me to purchase the Honor 7X?

Certainly. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend almost a great on every other cell phone. There are a huge amount of choices accessible right now for under 15,000. What’s more, Honor has quite increased current standards by offering the Honor 7X for just Rs. 12,999.


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