BASF presents Future Perfect 3.0

At global research and development center in Navi Mumbai, BASF in association with times now and economic times presented future perfect 3.0 where guest speakers discussed key sustainability topics, including cleaner air, health, e-mobility and smart cities. BASF is largest chemical producer in the world which focuses on organic synthesis, updated process and formulation research thus discovering chemistry for modern agricultural solutions and molecular modelling.


Event started with Dr. Raman Ramachandran of BASF talking about chemistry at the heart of sustainable innovation, how company always tried to face the challenges of society to come up with innovations and addressing these challenges. Dr. Raman Ramachandran is the Chairman & Managing Director of BASF Companies in India. In addition, he is the Head of BASF in South Asia for Companies in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 


Prateek Sharma, national award winner & founder of Nasofilters in his speech as guest speaker said air quality in Delhi has touched the ‘severe’ level, breathing has become a tough task for residents of the capital, small particles entering the respiratory system have caused grave health problems to the citizens. To tackle this, they launched ‘nasofilters’ which sticks to the user’s nasal orifice thus restricting foreign particulate matter from entering the body. It is a use-and-throw biodegradable product, which is highly efficient in restricting particulate matter and at the same time gives minimal pressure drop.

Second speaker of the day Akash Manoj who is just 16 years old talked about how he invented a device that has the ability to detect heart attacks 6 hours in advance. The device looks like a smartwatch and is capable of detecting the heart attack thus making it easier for the person to take care of it well in advance.

Naresh Narasimhan,an architect and urban designer discussed how better we can make smart cities in India with help of good governance. Smart cities are powered by new technologies making it safe to live, embrace culture, retain heritage,disaster ready and happy citizens thus altering the way we perceive our cities.


Panel consisting of key speakers Dr. Yashodhan Gokhale, Mr Sergio Arispe Barrientos, Jeffry Jacob, Brieux Boisdeuin and Aditya Ramji talked about “Future of Battery Mobility in India” and its significance. Aditya Ramaji, Manager Economist, Mahindra said ‘It is going to be early adopters in the space of e-mobility, we just need to identify these markets & build the business, E-mobility is must and it will take subsidies, regulations and innovations to happen.’

‘Future Perfect 3.0’ was a successful event, interesting and informative talks by key speakers consisting Naresh Narasimhan, Akash Manoj, Prateek Sharma and insightful panel discussion on e-mobility to know the importance of better future.

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