“Hold Tight” as Jim Sarbh Stars Track by Ape Echoes & Mohini Dey

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Bacardí House Party Sessions (BHPS) is on a roll with the launch of the second track under the BHPS banner, “Hold Tight” by electronica act, Ape Echoes, mentored by bass phenomenon Mohini Dey. Alternately shuffling through territories influenced by crossover-jazz, electronica, alt-rock, funk, and soul, Ape Echoes forms a sonically and emotionally varied palette that makes it impossible to sit still. Their unique sound comes across even more vividly in the music video starring the music scene’s latest sensation, the multi-hued Jim Sarbh.

“Hold Tight” follows Jim Sarbh as a slothful character who wrestles between his desire to indulge in leisurely activities and his practical need to be productive contributor to society. He stumbles upon an advert of a cloning machine, and uses it to unleash multiple clones to fulfil his diverse responsibilities. The clones change his life, completing chores and routine tasks that he couldn’t bring his original self to do. The video ends full circle with Jim’s clones mirroring his original conflicted personality.

Speaking on her role as a mentor to Ape Echoes, Mohini Dey said, “The independent music scene in India is exploding and there is talent emerging from all corners of the country. What’s important is recognizing talented artists, and providing them with the right guidance and platform in their journey to the top. Ape Echoes is a breakthrough band who, for the past 2 years have consistently done what truly moves them and stayed true to their sound. It has been a fantastic experience to be a part of the creation of “Hold Tight”. It’s great that platforms like Bacardí House Party Sessions are encouraging and promoting fresh and exciting talent like Ape Echoes.”

Watch “Hold Tight” on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL-aOQD2CQQ

“Hold Tight” will be followed by the third Bacardí House Party Sessions track by the artist ‘Pull’, mentored by Amit Trivedi.

About Ape Echoes

Ape Echoes is the frankensteinian brainchild of Bombay-based producers and multi-instrumentalists, Nirmit Shah and Sid Shirodkar. Drummer Sahil Shah joined the duo in 2016, soon after their formation. Guitarist Harsh Gadhvi joined in 2017 in the initial legs of their debut EP release tour. Ape Echoes frequently combine traditional acoustic and electronic instrumentation with experimental sampling – weaving together an immersive if sometimes chaotic musical narrative.

Their debut EP, ‘Ape Machines’, was released in August 2017 and alternately moves through territories influenced by crossover-jazz, electronica, noise, hip-hop, prog-rock, funk, and soul.


About the Bacardí House Party Sessions

Bacardí House Party Sessions was launched as a part of BACARDÍ’s commitment to the world of music, by curating up and coming musical talent in the country. This property brings together India’s happiest music festival – Bacardi NH7 Weekender, legendary artists and the most loved online entertainment channel- YouTube to facilitate a platform where artists can showcase their talent to realize their potential. In its first season, Bacardí House Party Sessions garnered an overwhelming response of a whopping 2, 500 entries, out of which 4 artists got shortlisted to make their own music video. The campaign overall garnered a unique reach of 5M and drove 1.3M conversations on social media.

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